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Leadership and Workforce Development Resource List
This document provides a comprehensive list of workforce development and leadership resources that can be adapted for use by social work educators. Developed for the public, private and tribal child welfare workforce, these tools can be inserted into the social work curriculum via existing social work courses, field programs, and continuing education offerings. 

Realistic Job Previews
Realistic Job Previews are designed to present a balanced view of both the rewards and demands of child welfare positions in order to align the goals and expectations of applicants with the requirements of child welfare work. The goal of an RJP is to improve the fit between the applicant and the job, increasing job satisfaction and reducing the number of new staff who quit because their job roles and demands were not what they had envisioned. These tools can be used in seminars with students to explore their expectations for child welfare work. 

Infographic & Discussion Questions: Why the Workforce Matters
The Why the Workforce Matters infographic visually depicts why it is important for child welfare agencies to focus on developing and supporting their workforce. This document and provides discussion questions to help instructors explore this infographic with their students. Infographic Reference List

Workforce Development Planning and Assessment Tool Kit Assignments
This document provides examples of how to use the NCWWI Workforce Development Planning and Assessment Tool Kit worksheets as assignments for students.