The Leadership Academy for Middle Managers is a national leadership development academy for middle managers in public, tribal and privatized child welfare systems. Its goal is to enhance the ability of middle managers to apply leadership skills for implementation of sustainable systems change to improve outcomes for children, youth and families.

LAMM Objectives

woman pointing at blackboard
  • Increase the effectiveness of child welfare agencies through culturally responsive middle manager training on leadership, workforce development and succession planning
  • Provide middle managers with professional development that enables them to address persistent complex challenges requiring adaptive, distributive, and inclusive leadership
  • Provide opportunities that facilitate continuous learning in support of both middle managers and their internal and external partners
  • Offer managers the latest research and new directions for child welfare practice, leadership, and management from academic, private, and nonprofit sectors

The LAMM curriculum is accessible for download in two versions: 5-Day and 3-Day. Several online courses are also available to support the professional development of child welfare leaders.

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