Dying to Connect: Addiction as an Attachment Disorder
Friday, October 16, 2020
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2:00–3:30 EDT; 1:00–2:30 CDT; 12:00–1:30pm MDT; 11:00–12:30 PDT; 10:00–11:30 AKDT; 8:00–9:30 HAST 

This webinar is hosted by NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals

Addictions counseling has changed drastically over the years as the field has widened to include a merging of theoretical concepts. As the addictions field makes room for a greater, deeper understanding of addiction, developments in the field have changed the way we treat both chemical and behavioral addictions. This workshop will help addictions counselors better understand attachment styles and the significance of an individual’s attachment style when treating addictive disorders. Information will be presented about the dangers of isolation in treatment and how to help clients create the connecting opportunities necessary to heal attachment deficits and begin to live the fulfilling lives they long for.

Register here: https://www.naadac.org/attachment-disorder-webinar