Can You See the Big Picture? A Journey Through Curriculum Mapping
Thursday, September 23, 2021
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1:00–2:30pm EDT; 12:00–1:30pm CDT; 11:00am–12:30pm MDT; 10:00–11:30am PDT; 9:00–10:30am AKDT; 7:00–8:30am HAST

This webinar is hosted by Training Industry

Curriculum mapping is a powerful tool that helps learning leaders see the big picture in their organizations. It asks questions like:

“How does this learning experience fit into our overall organization goals?”
“What are other companies doing?”
“What constitutes a win for us?”
“Where should we start?”
“What will learners know, be able to do, or believe after the learning experience?”

Register here: https://trainingindustry.com/webinar/strategy-alignment-and-planning/can-you-see-the-big-picture-a-journey-through-curriculum-mapping/