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Umbrella Summary: Job EmbeddednessA summary of workforce research evidence on job embeddedness relevant to the child welfare field.2020
Profile of the Social Work Workforce This report uses available sources of data to present a profile of the current social work workforce defined according to …2017
Key Components for an Effective Job Description & TemplateThis document is a human resource form to help develop an accurate and thorough job description.2014
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Realistic Job PreviewsThis webpage features Realistic Job Preview videos from different states, along with supplemental materials and resources, which demonstrate the development, …, 2019
Realistic Job Previews: Frequently Asked Questions & AnswersThis document explains a recruiting approach called Realistic Job Preview (RJP), its purpose, what information agencies should include, how to …2019
Realistic Job Previews: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes the article “Realistic Job Previews in Child Welfare: State Of Innovation And Practice”, which discusses the development, …, 2011
SMARRT Manual: Strategies Matrix Approach to Recruitment and Retention TechniquesThis manual is designed to enhance capacity for more effective child welfare recruitment, selection, training, and retention practice, by providing …2006
The RJP Tool Kit: A How-To Guide for Developing a Realistic Job PreviewThis toolkit is designed for public-sector and non-profit child welfare administrators and Human Resources Management professionals looking for ways to …, 2007