Leadership Development

Leadership Model and Framework

NCWWI developed this Leadership Model in 2009 based on the principles of Adaptive Leadership and the multi-dimensional skills that Child Welfare leaders at all levels of the agency need to promote the well-being of the workforce, serve as effective agents of change, and facilitate positive outcomes for children, youth, and families served by child welfare agencies and programs. It was updated in 2019 to include a Racial Equity Lens pillar.

Leadership Academy

The NCWWI Leadership Academy provides supervisors and managers with opportunities to become skilled in leading change, fostering collaborations, implementing results-oriented decisions, and leading people. Academy graduates across the country are pioneering positive changes in their agencies and strengthening child welfare program effectiveness to support the success of children, youth, and families. 

Learning & Living Leadership Tool Kit

Effective leadership promotes the well-being of all organizational members, facilitates better outcomes for families and children, and can happen from “every seat.” We believe providing staff at all levels the opportunity to develop and practice their leadership skills helps prepare future leaders, distributes responsibility, and encourages a more equitable workplace environment.