Learning & Living Leadership Tool Kit

About the Leadership Model & Framework

NCWWI Leadership Competency Framework

This Leadership Tool Kit is based on NCWWI’s Leadership Competency Framework (framework), which embodies a holistic approach to leadership and is grounded in specific principles and competencies reflecting current realities in the child welfare field. Along the outer ring is the ongoing tension of offering flexibility while maintaining control as well as the need to address internal and external issues.

At the center of the model lies the leader’s ability to engage in self-reflective practice in a number of areas as articulated in the fundamental competencies. Quadrants (also referred to as “domains”) depict each major aspect of leadership: Leading Change; Leading in Context; Leading for Results; and Leading People. Each quadrant contains specific competencies representing knowledge and skills applicable to that quadrant.

The Framework’s foundation is the leadership principles:  adaptive, collaborative, distributive, inclusive, outcome focused, and racial equity lens. For complete details including the competency definitions, review the Leadership Competency Framework Brief.