Learning & Living Leadership Tool Kit

How To Use the Tool Kit

Providing staff at all levels the opportunity to develop and practice their leadership skills helps prepare future leaders, distributes responsibility, and encourages a more equitable workplace environment. This tool kit is flexible in that it can be used as a stand-alone aid or as a supplement to other professional development programs. It is also designed to meet the needs of individuals at all levels of the competency ladder – caseworker, supervisor, manager, and executive

Marketing Materials

Below is a brief overview of how various audiences may use and benefit from this tool kit.

Individuals and Leadership Academy Participants

Use to develop or enhance a personal leadership development plan based on one’s assessment results, specific needs, interests, strengths, learning style, and time constraints.

Training Directors

Use the activities to complement the organization’ leadership development programs.


Use to build skills to lead strategic change efforts and to nurture employees’ leadership development by selecting activities appropriate for their skill level.

Social Work Students/Interns

Incorporate leadership development planning into field placements and educational experiences. As appropriate, ensure all activities are reviewed and approved by organization supervisors before completition.

Social Work Educators/Field Instructors

Use to support transfer of learning from social work courses to social work practice. Educators may use the activities for small group and individual discussions or present activities as assignments that allow students to apply their learning and leadership development to their unique child welfare contexts. Field instructors might find useful learning activities for field placement learning agreements/contracts to reinforce a full range of social work competencies. Schools of social work might also use the tool kit to generate ideas for field education and/or to develop organization-specific projects to support leadership development.