Learning & Living Leadership Tool Kit

Welcome to the Learning and Living Leadership Tool Kit!

Effective leadership promotes the well-being of all organizational members, facilitates better outcomes for families and children, and can happen from “every seat.” This tool kit will help you assess your leadership strengths and areas for development and guide you in writing a competency-based leadership development plan with activities to meet your needs, interests, learning style, time constraints, and desired proficiency level (executive, manager, supervisor, caseworker).

6 Steps to Develop Your Leadership Skills

  1. Review the Leadership Competency Framework to discover the leadership principles and competencies vital for working and leading in the child welfare field.
  2. Take the online self-assessment to discover your strengths and areas for growth.
  3. Explore the activities and select those that match your assessment results, specific needs, interests, strengths, learning style, and time constraints.
  4. Record the chosen activities in your Leadership Development Plan
  5. Complete the activities and use the Post-Activity Reflection Journal to document progress by responding to the reflection questions at the end of each activity to further cement the learning.
  6. Track your progress and revise your Leadership Development Plan annually.