Making a Difference: NCWWI Impact & Lessons Learned (2008-2013)

Making a Difference #4: Leadership Academy for Supervisors: What We Learned & How We Changed

Webinar held June 11, 2014

Leadership Academy for Supervisors: What We Learned & How We Changed, was the final session in the NCWWI 4-part national webinar mini-series, Making a Difference: NCWWI Impact & Lessons Learned (2008-2013). 

As the critical link between management and the field, supervisors are the current and future leaders of any child welfare or social service agency.  Yet there are often limited, cost-effective opportunities to support their professional development.  Over the last five years, NCWWI sought to answer these questions: Will experienced, busy supervisors participate in online learning?  Can supervisory leadership skills be developed online?  Will they be able to transfer their new knowledge and skills to their work? What strategies lead to greater training participation and retention?

This session tells the story of the development, implementation and impact of the LAS, an online training program for experienced child welfare supervisors. Presenters discuss and respond to questions regarding: 

  • The development of the program
  • Competency-based training
  • Online design elements to promote learner engagement
  • Patterns and challenges with participation and completion
  • Incentives to promote completion
  • Organizational supports for online learning
  • Benefits for participating supervisors and jurisdictions
  • Lessons from our experience to inform future online supervisory leadership training deliveries


Presenters include the LAS Team at the University of Southern Maine, Muskie School of Public Service, Freda Bernotavicz, Sue Ebersten, Crystal French, Gretchen Robbins, and Marshall SolowayMaryBeth Lippold, Principal at Lippold Consulting and former Deputy Director of Staff Development at the Indiana department of Child Services; and Kathryn Connel, Children’s Mental Health Initiative Manager, Indiana Department of Child Services.

Recording and Handouts