Mind the Gap: Addressing Child Welfare Challenges with Workforce Development Strategies

Mind the Gap #5: Transforming Child Welfare Decision-making through Modern Technology & Data Analytics

National Webinar: November 4, 2015
Learning Exchange: November 17, 2015

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This webinar will explore how child welfare organizations can leverage modern technology, data and information to support and transform frontline child welfare casework practice, in order to maximize the positive impact of services for vulnerable children, youth and families.

Too often, child welfare caseworkers, administrators, and providers are presented with outdated technology and limited access to real time data and information. But modern technology readily available in other sectors can be harnessed for child welfare. Technological advances allow staff to work in systems that

  • Are flexible, intuitive and responsive;
  • Center on children, families, and relationships, rather than cases or units of work;
  • Provide real-time data and embedded metrics;
  • Invite users to interact with data visually;
  • Encourage self-reflection and critical thinking; and,
  • Are web-native and completely mobile.


Presented by Case Commons, the non-profit developers of Casebook, this webinar will examine innovative technology solutions, powerful data analytics, and evidence-influenced decision-making. Developed from feedback and collaborations with child welfare agencies and practitioners, the Casebook example will showcase how technology can improve and transform child welfare policy and practice.

Presenters include Brittany Ebendorf, Kathleen Feely, and Andrea Hollen from Case Commons. For more information, please explore our Presenter Bios.



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