Mind the Gap: Addressing Child Welfare Challenges with Workforce Development Strategies

Mind the Gap #1: Introducing the Workforce Development Framework

National Webinar held October 29, 2014
Learning Exchange held November 5, 2014


NOTE: This webinar highlights the 2014-2019 version of the Workforce Development Framework. Click here to view the newest version of the WDF (updated in 2019).

This was the first session in our national webinar series designed to “mind the gap” and address workforce challenges impacting child welfare organizations across the country. The first session introduced NCWWI’s newly developed Workforce Development Framework (WDF), and its practical application for the field, including key steps in the workforce development assessment and planning process, and core components reflecting multiple workforce development strategies. 

We know the critical importance of the child welfare workforce, and we know there are gaps and challenges. So what can be done? How can we more strategically intervene? The WDF has been created to address these questions. Presenters will describe the development of the WDF and discuss its practical application from the perspective of a child welfare consultant, a child welfare agency leader and a social work educator. The session’s follow-up Learning Exchange offers deeper interaction between the presenters and participants through facilitated discussion designed to enhance critical thinking on this topic.

Presenters include:

  • Nancy McDaniel, Director of Consultation & Capacity-building, Butler Institute for Families, University of Denver;
  • Cheryl Springer, Associate Professor, Salem State University School of Social Work and Salem State University Project Manager, Massachusetts Child Welfare Institute;
  • Stacy White, Child Welfare Chief, Idaho Children and Family Services.