NCWWI Workforce Excellence Site Overview:

The Muscogee Nation Children & Family Services Administration (CFSA)
University of Oklahoma-Tulsa

NCWWI Workforce Excellence Initiative 

Through its partnerships with NCWWI and the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, the Muscogee Nation CFSA seeks to increase tribal members’ ability to join the CFSA workforce and other tribal child welfare agencies in Oklahoma. CFSA will also strengthen its program capacity by implementing an onboarding process that supports newly hired employees as they become members of the agency’s workforce and serve Muscogee children and families.

Key Assessment Findings

Strengths include:

  • Staff feel like part of a team and valued by the leadership team.
  • Strong agency focus on education and professional development.
  • Effective practice with families supported by a robust array of CFSA programs.
  • Strong staff commitment to doing what is best for families.

Challenges include:

  • Recruiting qualified staff.
  • Addressing hiring implications of the McGirt decision.
  • Secondary traumatic stress and client-related burnout.
  • Staff concerns about safety in the field.
  • Supervisors have limited time for staff supervision.

Implementation Activities

  • 6 stipend students began social work degree programs in Fall 2020; 5 currently work at CFSA, 1 at Seminole Nation of OK child welfare.
  • “Academic Aunties” provide stipend students with additional support; all students making successful progress through degree requirements.
  • 6 program managers completed the Tribal Child Welfare Leadership Academy and in September 2020 began individualized professional development coaching.
  • Began work planning and initial implementation of a project to develop a CFSA onboarding process.

Onboarding Project Overview

Project vision: New CFSA employees have opportunities to become confident and well-prepared to support, empower, and strengthen MCN families and children.

Three-component on-boarding process: General CFSA procedures; Program-specific procedures; and History, Culture, and Community.

Onboarding support provided throughout the early weeks of a new employee’s tenure – goes beyond a “one and done” orientation.

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