NCWWI Podcasts

2020 Child Welfare Worker Recognition Event

Listen in on the September 15, 2020 Child Welfare Worker Recognition Event to get reconnected to the heart work and hear Robin Leake, Jerry Milner, Victor Sims, Courtney Canova, and Dr. Lakeya Cherry express their appreciation for how you’ve adjusted your practice to serve families and children under such unprecedented and challenging conditions. Thank you for all you do!

[Webinar] Supporting the Virtual Workforce #6:
Using Social Media and Technology to Engage Children, Youth, and Families

During the COVID-19 crisis, child welfare workers are using technology to communicate with families, and foster parents are using technology to connect youth in their care to services and maintain connection between youth and their biological families. This webinar offers considerations and best practices to support child welfare workers as they use technology with the families they serve.