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Umbrella Summary: RecruitmentA summary of workforce research evidence on recruitment relevant to the child welfare field.2020
New Social Workers: The results of the nationwide survey of 2017 Social Work graduatesThis survey provides a snapshot of social workers in terms of where they come from; which jobs they find; marketplace …2017
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Recruitment & HiringThis section of the Child Welfare Information Gateway includes resources essential to effective recruitment and hiring programs and practices categorized …, 2019
Child Welfare Social Worker Recruitment and Retention: Influential Factors and Promising Practices – Review of the ResearchThis paper summarizes numerous studies and literature from across the nation on the various factors that impact the readiness and …2009
Child Welfare Staff Recruitment & Retention An Evidence-Based Training Model: Recruitment ToolkitThis toolkit includes fliers, posters, brochures, a Recruitment Community PowerPoint Presentation, and two public service announcements designed to encourage interest …2009
Competency-based Recruitment, Screening & Selection: Strengthening Workforce Capacity, Retention & Organizational ResiliencyThis webinar showcases the creative, evidence-based efforts of Buncombe County, North Carolina’s Department of Social Services to recruit, screen, select …, 2011
Developing Models of Effective Child Welfare Staff Recruitment & Retention Training – SynthesisThis paper summaries project activities, from eight university programs, to develop, field test, revise, implement, evaluate, and disseminate an effective …, 2011
Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS) Take The Lead Series: Recruitment StrategiesFinding qualified workers who are likely to stay is a major challenge in child welfare.  This one hour module shares …, 2014
NCWWI Recruitment, Screening and Selection Reference ListThis comprehensive reference list includes a compilation of papers, reports, peer-reviewed journal articles and other relevant resources addressing Recruitment, Screening …, 2018
Recruitment of Child Welfare StaffThis paper summarizes best practice approaches to recruitment and provides examples of some innovative approaches. 2008
Resilient Child Welfare Worker InterviewsThis document summarizes the interview responses of workers who were identified as “resilient” by their supervisors and administrators and includes …2006
Staff Retention in Child & Family Services: Recruiting & Selecting the Right Staff (Wrkbk 6)This workbook addresses recruiting and selecting the right staff, providing information on promising practices and tools for recruiting and selecting …2007
Tips for Recruiting a Post-boomer WorkforceThis document provides some tips and best practices for a smarter, more budget friendly approach to recruiting Millennials and filling …2015
Western Workforce ProjectThis website provides resources and products from the Western Workforce Project which was designed to create and test a workforce …2013
Attracting the Best (4 minute microlearning)People feel more competent and are likely to stay when they have realistic expectations about what the job entails and …, 2016
A Children’s Services Corps: Lessons from Teach for America for Building the Child Welfare SystemThis paper provides background information on Teach for America (TFA) successes, challenges, and impact through the years; examines lessons from …2009
CFPM Recruitment and Selection Best Practices (w/Tip Sheets)This guide provides best practices for recruitment and selection of staff who will deliver the Child and Family Practice Model …, 2019
Competency-based Recruitment, Screening & Selection: Strengthening Workforce Capacity, Retention & Organizational Resiliency (1-page Summary)This document summarizes a NCWWI webinar that highlights multiple strategies and interventions to enhance an agency’s capacity to recruit, select, …, , 2014
Mind the Gap #3: Children’s Corps: A Dynamic Approach to Child Welfare Worker Recruitment, Screening and SelectionThis webinar provides an overview of Children’s Corps’ dynamic recruitment, screening and selection techniques to strengthen the capacity of the …, , 2015
A State and Local Government Leader’s Guide to Building the Public Workforce of the FutureThis guide has examples of effective strategies that can serve as a roadmap to help state and local government agencies …2017
Recruitment & Retention: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes the article “In Search Of Innovation: A National Qualitative Analysis of Child Welfare Recruitment and Retention Efforts”, …, , 2012