Recruitment Campaign

Workforce has always been the focus of the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI). Our Workforce Development Framework describes the key elements for developing an effective workforce and evidence-informed strategies to support each component. One of those components is recruitment and selection, and we heard loud and clear that you need support in addressing the current workforce recruitment challenges.

The Work With Purpose recruitment campaign materials are intended to support your recruitment efforts. From high-level campaign messaging and guidance about how to refer to the work and roles, to social media content and creative for job fairs, we aim to assist you by providing the tools necessary to recruit qualified applicants.

  • Work With Purpose Recruitment Toolkit: Explains how the campaign was developed, the campaign messaging, including tone and word usage, how to utilize the materials, and links to download and customize the creative assets. For more information, watch this webinar recording.
  • Work With Purpose Campaign Microsite: This site provides a window into the child welfare profession and leverages the campaign language and assets. It shares testimonials from those within the profession and answers applicant questions about a child welfare career.
  • Work With Purpose Campaign Videos: Videos are easily shareable, increase conversion rates, are perfect for mobile users, and they build trust and credibility. Consider using the videos below on social media with the hashtag #WorkWithPurpose and add them to your recruitment/hiring Web page. English and Spanish versions can be downloaded from this Vimeo Collection.
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