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HHS Could Play a Greater Role in Helping Child Welfare Agencies Recruit and Retain StaffThis report identifies (1) the challenges child welfare agencies face in recruiting and retaining child welfare workers and supervisors, (2) …, , , , , , , , , , , , 2003
Realistic Job PreviewsAn overview of realistic job previews, their value, and how they work., , , , , 2020
Situational Judgement TestsAn overview of situational judgement tests, what they measure, and their value., , , 2020
Training and Experience EvaluationsAn overview of training and experience evaluations for potential employees, how they are typically measured, and their value., 2020
Work Sample TestsAn overview of work sample tests, what they measure, and their value., , , 2020
Biodata MeasuresAn overview of biodata measures, or hiring tools that assess a variety of biographical or background data about job candidates. …, , , 2020
Cognitive Ability TestsAn overview of cognitive ability tests, their value, and their challenges., 2020
Integrity TestsAn overview of integrity tests and their value., 2020
Emotional Intelligence TestsAn overview of emotional intelligence tests and their value., , , 2020
Job Knowledge TestsAn overview of job knowledge tests and their value., , , 2020
Employment InterviewsAn overview of employment interviews, what they measure, and their value., , 2020
Assessment CentersAn overview of assessment centers which measure knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics by assessing participants’ responses to job-related simulations …, , , 2020
Reference ChecksAn overview of reference checks as a hiring tool and their value., , 2020
Employee FitAn overview of, compatibility between individuals and organizations, otherwise known as employee fit., ,
Rethinking Child Welfare RecruitmentThis brief discusses the current workforce crisis and provides recommendations on ways child welfare programs can enhance their recruitment efforts., , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Umbrella Summary: Work Sample TestsA summary of workforce research evidence on work sample tests relevant to the child welfare field.2020
Umbrella Summary: Emotional Intelligence TestsA summary of workforce research evidence on emotional intelligence tests relevant to the child welfare field.2020
Umbrella Summary: Integrity TestsA summary of workforce research evidence on integrity tests relevant to the child welfare field.2020
Umbrella Summary: Job Knowledge TestsA summary of workforce research evidence on job knowledge tests as relevant to the child welfare field.2020
Umbrella Summary: Realistic Job PreviewsA summary of workforce research evidence on realistic job previews relevant to the child welfare field.2020
Umbrella Summary: Training and Experience EvaluationsA summary of workforce research evidence on training and experience evaluations relevant to the child welfare field.2020
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Realistic Job PreviewsThis webpage features Realistic Job Preview videos from different states, along with supplemental materials and resources, which demonstrate the development, …2019
Competency-based Recruitment, Screening & Selection: Strengthening Workforce Capacity, Retention & Organizational Resiliency (1-page Summary)This document summarizes a NCWWI webinar that highlights multiple strategies and interventions to enhance an agency’s capacity to recruit, select, …, , 2014
Mind the Gap #3: Children’s Corps: A Dynamic Approach to Child Welfare Worker Recruitment, Screening and SelectionThis webinar provides an overview of Children’s Corps’ dynamic recruitment, screening and selection techniques to strengthen the capacity of the …, , 2015
Child Welfare Caseworker Competency Based Screening & Selection Training CurriculumThis skills-based curriculum is designed to support supervisors in the process of screening and selecting new caseworkers.2005
Child Welfare Staff Recruitment & Retention, An Evidence-Based Training Model: Selection ToolkitThis Selection Toolkit provides resources for screening, interviewing and hiring applicants for worker positions in public child welfare agencies; contains …2009
Internal Reliability of the OCFS Competency-Based Interview for Hiring Child Welfare CaseworkersThis paper examines the reliability of the revised standardized screening process. Staff at the Child Welfare Training Institute became involved …2008
Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS) Take The Lead Series: Screening StrategiesOnce you have a pool of candidates to choose from, what tools are available to help you screen them for …, 2014
Screening & Selection of Child Welfare StaffThis paper summarizes best practice approaches to screening and selection and provides examples of some innovative approaches.2008
Selection: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes the article “A Research-Based Child Welfare Employee Selection Protocol: Strengthening Retention of the Workforce”, which describes the …, 2013
Selecting the Best (5 minute microlearning)Competency-based, standardized interviewing processes provide insight into candidates’ potential “fit” with the job. Hiring procedures that minimize cumbersome processes and …, 2016
CFPM Recruitment and Selection Best Practices (w/Tip Sheets)This guide provides best practices for recruitment and selection of staff who will deliver the Child and Family Practice Model …, 2019