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Quality supervision directly contributes to employee satisfaction and the desire to stay on the job. Supervisors also play a role in how staff experience the organization as a diverse and inclusive workplace. The resources in this section provide examples of how to help supervisors as they build clinical skills, offer emotional and social support, provide coaching and feedback, and promote a healthy team culture and climate. These resources can help programs support supervisors as they model a commitment to best practice and policies, such as meaningfully engaging families and diligently searching for family and kin or adhering to laws, such as the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).

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Moderating Abusive Supervision: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes a study that explored factors related to teaming to see if they buffered the negative consequences of …, 2020
Innovations Exchange Participant Summary on Leadership and SupervisionThis document contains the feedback and recommendations from participants of the July 21, 2020, NCWWI Innovations Exchange on Leadership and …, 2020
“The stress is indescribable”: Self-reported Health Implications from Child Welfare SupervisorsThe unique nature of the frontline supervisor role places them at risk of experiencing compounded levels of stress, yet they …2019
Do the Components of Strengths-based Supervision Enhance Child Welfare Workers’ Satisfaction with Supervision?The purpose of this study was to evaluate the degree to which certain components of strengths-based supervision (SBS) predict higher …2017
Telework Application Self AssessmentsThis self-assessment from Washington State can be used by workers and supervisors to assess an individual’s readiness for telework.2020
Child Welfare Field Operations Telework Program HandbookThis handbook provides policies and procedures used by Washington State to operationalize their telework program.2020
Supporting the Virtual Workforce: Supervision Participant SummaryParticipants volunteered strategies during the Supporting the Virtual Workforce: Virtual Supervision learning exchange to help make the transition to the …, 2020
Supervision During Physical Distancing: Tools and GuidanceThis document proivdes guidance for supervising duing physical distancing, including how to prepare for supervision, what to do during the …2020
Virtually Supervising Child Welfare Professionals During a PandemicDuring the pandemic crisis, supervisors must consistently engage their staff and assess caseworker needs and the needs of families served …2020
Telework in Child WelfareThis research summary explores the common elements of telework programs that agencies should be aware of, the best practices for …2020
Virtual Meetings in Child WelfareThis research summary explores the current technology that is available and robust enough to host engaging and dynamic virtual meetings …2020
Supervisor Learning Circles (Georgia)This website provides information about Georgia’s Supervisor Learning Circles which help promote the use of critical thinking skills that impact …2019
Supervising from a Trauma-Informed PerspectiveThis 8-minute video from Texas describes the impact of trauma and provides information on supervising from a trauma-informed perspective. 2017
Social Services Group Supervision Process ExampleThis document provides and example of how group supervision can be structured in a social services agency.2012
Issue Brief: What are preliminary building blocks to strengthen quality supervision?Guidance for building quality supervision within child welfare organizations. Identifies building blocks and provides state level examples.2018
Supervising for Quality Child Welfare PracticeThis bulletin presents an overview of child welfare supervision and explores the dimensions of supervision that agencies may want to …2015
Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS) Take the Lead SeriesThe Take the Lead Series supplements the Core LAS Curriculum with short, interactive modules to help supervisors build skills and …, , 2014
Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS) Core CurriculumDesigned for experienced child welfare supervisors, the core curriculum consists of the Introductory Module and 5 subsequent online modules corresponding …, , 2015
Making a Difference #4: Leadership Academy for Supervisors: What We Learned & How We ChangedThis webinar, the final session in the NCWWI 4-part national webinar mini-series, Making a Difference: NCWWI Impact & Lessons Learned …, , 2014
Supervisor Training Series: Module 1: The Preparatory and Beginning Phases of Child Welfare SupervisionThis training course provides supervisors the opportunity for learning interactional skills to apply in the preliminary and beginning phases of …2016
Supervisor Training Series: Module 2: Living The Mission of Child WelfareThis training course provides supervisors and managers the opportunity for learning how to define organizational mission and outcomes that are …2016
Supervisor Training Series: Module 3: The Middle/Work Phase of SupervisionThis training course provides supervisors and managers the opportunity to learn and apply Interactional Helping Skills in the Middle/Work phase …2016
Supervisor Training Series: Module 4: Managing Diversity Through the Employment ProcessThis workshop will address development of culturally proficient organizations, communication, and ongoing diversity plans, emphasizing the need for strength-based engagement …2016
Supervisor Training Series: Module 5: Endings and Transitions: Managing Staff Retention, Satisfaction and SeparationThis training course provides supervisors the opportunity to explore strategies to manage endings and transitions ethically and respectfully; examine a …2016
Supporting Supervisors in Using Critical Thinking SkillsThis training course explores the child welfare leaders’ role in supporting child welfare supervisors’ use of critical thinking skills with their …2015
Supporting Supervisors in Using Critical Thinking Skills: Support SessionThis training course is a follow up to “Supporting Supervisors in Using Critical Thinking Skills”, and assists staff in incorporating …2015
Supportive Supervision: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis is a 1-page summary of an article that describes the collaborative process used to develop a strengths-based supervision training …, 2012
Supervision: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis 1-page summary outlines the results of a small, qualitative study aimed at determining supervisory effectiveness within a state child welfare …, 2016
Supervision: The Key to Strengthening Practice in Child WelfareThis issue of Practice Notes addresses the wide-ranging tasks of supervision with a selection of articles that include: Q & …2009
Supervision: The Safety Net for Front-line Child Welfare PracticeThis report summarizes the body of research that underscores the critical role that supervisors play in supporting and sustaining the workforce; …2011
Supervisor Developmental Planning & Support ToolkitThis toolkit is a key component of “Committed to Excellence through Supervision” Iowa DHS Child Welfare Supervisor Curriculum and utilized …2009
Supervisor Training Series: Module 1: The Preparatory and Beginning Phases of Child Welfare SupervisionThis training course provides supervisors the opportunity for learning interactional skills to apply in the preliminary and beginning phases of …2016
Alameda County Social Services Agency’s Child Welfare: On the Job Training Manual for Supervisors of New EmployeesThis guide offers supervisors a way to complement day-to-day supervision and contains (1) suggested guideline for practice assessment process; (2) …2014
Building a Model and Framework for Child Welfare SupervisionThis report presents the findings from an extensive review of the most recent literature combined with interviews of experts in …2009
Changing Supervision Lenses: Zooming in and outEffective supervisors must zoom in and out to get the full picture of any situation. Twan Stokes from Indiana Department …, 2018
Child Abuse & Neglect User Manual Series: Supervising Child Protective Services CaseworkersThis manual provides the foundation for effective supervisory practice in child protective services, describes the roles and responsibilities of the …2004
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Supervising Child Welfare ServicesThis section provides resources on many aspects of supervision, including clinical and administrative supervision, improving staff performance and retention through …2018
Common Core Curricula for Child Welfare Supervisors (California)CalSWEC’s in-service training partners deliver the Common Core for Supervisors statewide. New supervisors are required to complete six modules within …2019
Developmental Evaluation Findings from an Online Leadership Program for Child Welfare SupervisorsThis study evaluates a distance learning program designed to build leadership skills for supervisors in public, private, and tribal child …2014
Improving Supervision by Collaboration, Transparency & Accountability: The Impact of Missouri’s Supervision Advisory CommitteeThis webinar showcases the activities of the Missouri Department of Social Services’ Children’s Division, and presents the action steps and …, 2012
Improving Supervision by Collaboration, Transparency & Accountability: The Impact of Missouri’s Supervision Advisory Committee (1-page Summary)This document summarizes a NCWWI webinar that highlights action steps and strategies taken to organize, develop and sustain the Supervision …, 2014
Indiana Supervisor Core TrainingThis training prepares new supervisors to practice continuous clinical supervision in order to: develop and implement effective leadership that integrates …2017
Leadership Development Online: Design and Implementation of a Program for Child Welfare SupervisorsThis article describes the Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS), a national program to develop leadership skills for the implementation of …2014
Mind the Gap #8: Prioritizing Supervision – Comprehensive Supervisory Development in IndianaThe webinar highlights a comprehensive approach to strengthening supervisory practice throughout Indiana’s Department of Child Services (DCS) and focuses on …, 2016
NCWWI Supervision and Performance Management Reference ListThis comprehensive reference list includes a compilation of papers, reports, peer-reviewed journal articles and other relevant resources addressing Supervision and …, 2018
Performance Management in Child Welfare (5 minutes)The quality of supervision, clear performance expectations and a coherent, consistent performance management system are key factors in promoting commitment …, 2017
Responding to the Child Welfare Workforce Crisis Here and Now: A Constructivist Approach to Understanding SupervisionThis paper describes the process and results of constructivist inquiry designed to answer the guiding research questions: (1) what about …2012
Staff Retention in Child and Family Services Workbook 2: The Practice of Retention-Focused SupervisionThis workbook in the series provides research information and supervisory competencies for retaining effective staff, including self-assessment and planning tools. …2007
Staff Retention in Child and Family Services Workbook 3: Working with DifferencesThis workbook in the series provides understanding, methods and tools for tailoring supervision to the diverse characteristics, learning and behavioral …2007
Staff Retention in Child and Family Services Workbook 4: Communication SkillsThis workbook in the series provides specific information, tools and activities to adapt communication skills to the supervisory relationship., 2007
Staff Retention in Child and Family Services Workbook 5: The First Six MonthsThis workbook in the series provides a structure, methods and tools for orienting, supporting and training new staff during their …2007
Strength-Based Solution-Focused Supervision Support SessionThis support session helps supervisors apply what they learned during the Strength-Based Solution-Focused Supervision training. Materials include a facilitator’s guide and …2015
Strength-Based, Solution-Focused SupervisionThis training course provides child welfare supervisors with a theoretical framework and useful strategies for incorporating strength-based, solution-focused concepts and …2015
Striving for Excellence in Supervision (North Carolina)This issue of Practice Notes highlights supervisory practices that can develop staff and improve their satisfaction and performance; and shows …2010
Supervision Meta-analysis: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis resource provides a meta-analysis of research articles regarding the impact of supervision on worker outcomes., 2009