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Trauma-informed Practice:
Child welfare programs should engage in trauma-informed training to prepare their staff to work with families who have experienced multiple traumas. The resources in this section guide organizations and systems in planning for, implementing, and sustaining a trauma-informed organizational change. 

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Mental Health and the Child Welfare WorkforceThis infographic describes the workforce mental health crisis, the impacts of not supporting employees’ well-being, and how child welfare organizations …, , , , , , , , 2023
Transforming Foster Care Strategy MapThis is a systems thinking strategy map that goes over the foster care system on an institutional level. It also …, 2019
National Youth Employment CoalitionThe National Youth Employment Coalition represents organizations that serve and study opportunity youth. The coalition keeps the field up to …, , 2023
Think of UsThis organization is dedicated to transforming the child welfare system to center lived experiences. They operate as a research and …, , , , , , , , , , , 2023
Compassionate InquiryDr. Gabor Maté discusses a psychotherapeutic method he developed called compassionate inquiry. It utilizes science and compassion to understand unconscious …, 2023
TedX: The Science of Adversity and the Case for Systemic EmpathyIn this TedTalk, Dr. Stan Sonu discusses the importance of integrating an understanding of ACEs and trauma into our healthcare …2017
Compassion in Action PodcastIn this podcast series, Fritzi Horstman converses with experts about bringing trauma-informed approaches to the forefront.2023
Strategy Maps VideoThis is a video on how to use strategy maps.2019
Human Centered Innovation for Intergenerational Impact (itotheN)itotheN is an international development consulting organization that focuses on research, thought leadership, strategic partnerships, and science-informed solutions to emphasize …, 2022
Poor Individual Risk Classification from Adverse Childhood Experiences ScreeningIn this article, Meehan et al. discuss the utility of ACEs screening for population level impacts of ACEs in the …, 2021
Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) through Policy and Advocacy (Toolkit)This toolkit was created by the MARC Foundation to support and encourage cross-sector networks in trauma-informed policy and advocacy efforts. …, , , 2020
PACEs connection – NJ ACEs Collaborative ACEs Screening PositionThe NJ ACEs Collaborative states that ACEs screenings should not be a diagnostic or treatment mechanism but rather a tool …, 2021
Preventing Childhood Toxic Stress: Partnering With Families and Communities to Promote Relational HealthThis policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics describes how relational health can be employed to build resilience and …, , , , , , 2021
Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource CenterThe Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center provides resources to guide health care organizations and schools in becoming trauma-informed. Some topics …, , ,
The Future of Healing: Shifting from Trauma-Informed Care to Healing Centered EngagementIn this blog post, Ginwright describes the shortcomings of the term “trauma informed care,” as it is incomplete, requires that …, , , 2018
Press On — A Coalition of Coalitions to Move the Trauma-Informed Movement ForwardPress On is a national coalition of local trauma-informed coalitions, formed to create a unified voice for trauma-informed advocacy across …, , 2022
How One State Achieved Breakthrough Improvements in a Highly Stressed Foster Care SystemThis webinar discusses Restore Hope Arkansas’ work in transforming Arkansas’ foster care system and highlights the process of creating and …, , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Number Story: Support Families and CommunityThis webpage from NumberStory provides information about how an individual can provide support to families and communities through traumatic situations, …, , , , , , 2021
Trauma-Informed LibrariesThis webpage is a PACEs Connection community of library professionals and library supporters who seek to share ACEs Science with …, , , 2023
Community Prevention InitiativeThe Community Prevention Initiative (CPI) provides substance use disorder prevention (SUD Pv) training and technical assistance and capacity building services …, , , , , , 2023
The Legacy of Trauma: Can Experiences Leave A Biological Imprint?NPR’s ‘Shortwave’ discusses epigenetics and their implications for potential trauma inheritance with Bianca Jones Martin and Brian Dias., 2021
Baby courts: A proven approach to stop the multigenerational transmission of ACEs in child welfare; new efforts to establish courts nationwideFlorida’s “baby courts” use trauma-educated judges, multidisciplinary teams, and infant mental health clinicians to provide families support, strengthen relationships, and …, 2020
ACEs MatterACEs Matter is an organization whose mission is to start conversations about ACEs in every community that wants to break …, , 2022
ACEs and Resiliency Strategy MapA presentation detailing an ACEs Strategy Map for how faith-based communities can be positive forces for minimizing and addressing trauma. …, , ,
#WeHealUs#WeHealUs is a grassroots campaign that amplifies hard work in building resilience and healing as more individuals, organizations, and governments …, 2023
Thriving Families Safer Children Equitable Compensation Taskforce ReportThe Thriving Families Safer Children (TFSC) movement includes 22 sites nationwide as well as lived expert leaders and five national …, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2023
Eight principles and practices of Indigenous child welfare: An excerpt from Pathways in a ForestThe report highlights efforts by Indigenous families, communities, and Nations to revitalize Indigenous approaches to child welfare, develop comprehensive community-based …, , , , , , , , 2019
National Child Traumatic Stress Network Policy MakersNCTSN has collaborated with policy makers since their inception by Congress in 2000. Through this collection of resources, policy makers …, ,
Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) – Prop 64 RoadmapIn this roadmap created by the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI), advocates and academics lay out how marijuana …, , , , 2019
Illinois Birth through Three Waiver: Child and Family Intervention, Developmentally Informed Child and Family interventionsThis final evaluation report presents findings from the Illinois Birth through Three (IB3) Title IV-E waiver demonstration. The waiver supported …, , 2018
A Key Connection: Economic Stability and Family Well-beingChapin Hall experts have brought together evidence about the connections between economic and concrete supports and involvement with child welfare. …, , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
FOCUS on Workforce WellnessA newsletter with multiple articles focused on worker wellness. One article provides practical actions coworkers can engage in with one …, , 2022
US Department of Health and Human Services: Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation Publication of “Building Co-Regulaiton Capacity to Support Positive Development for Youth with Foster Care ExperienceThis report builds from a body of work that describes how self-regulation can be applied as a framework for promoting …, , 2021
Aligning Organizations for Family Resilience and HealingThis chapter discusses the how organization-level of the social-ecological model must change to better align with preventative approaches to build …, , , , 2021
Department of Children and Families – Office of ResilienceThe Office of Resilience facilitates initiatives related to preventing ACEs across the state of New Jersey. This site describes how …2020
NJ ACEs Collaborative – Social Equity in New Jersey Demands Appropriate use of the ACE StudyIn this report, the NJ ACEs Collaborative calls for 5 areas regarding trauma-informed care and ACEs that need further investigation. …2021
SAMHSA’s Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed ApproachSAMHSA wrote this document to inform broad audiences about trauma, the need to address it, and the necessity for trauma-informed …, 2014
Resilient WisconsinThis webpage provided by the Wisconsin state government provides information about building resiliencies within ourselves, relationships, and communities, including how …, , 2023
Identifying, Preventing, and Treating Childhood Trauma: Pervasive Public Health Issue that Needs Greater Federal AttentionThis Committee meeting heard directly from trauma survivors, public health experts, and government officials about the long-term consequences of childhood …, , 2019
Strengthening Families Through Prevention and Collaboration: Child Welfare Virtual Expo (CWVE) 2020Explore collaborative approaches to advance prevention presented by people with lived and professional child welfare expertise., , , , , , 2020
Measuring Child Welfare Workers Physiological Stress: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis study explores physiological stress among child welfare professionals before and after the removal of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in June …, , , , , , , , , 2023
Dealing With the Effects of Secondary Trauma(4 minutes) Secondary trauma is a predictable and frequent occurrence in child welfare. This short module, just under four minutes …,
Assessing Trauma in American Indian/Alaska Native Parents as an ICWA Active Effort: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis summary examines the correlation between American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) parents who are involved in ICWA cases, their exposure to …, , , , , , 2023
Self-Care: Improve our Relationships, Daily Interactions, and Reactions to TraumaThis infographic describes how mindfulness can improve well-being and provides examples on how to use mindfulness for self-care., , , 2021
Safe & Connected™ Practice ModelA model of practice that includes a research-informed framework, engaged assessments based on strengths, needs and risks, analytical decision making …, , , , , , , 2022
Restoring Resiliency Response (RRR)© ModelA model designed to help alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with the secondary traumatic stress issues child protection workers …, 2006
National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training InitiativeNTI has developed two state-of-the-art, standardized, web-based trainings to build the capacity of child welfare and mental health professionals in …, , 2022
Centering Child Welfare Worker Well-beingThis infographic describes how child welfare organizations can center child welfare worker well-being to better support children and families., , , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Safe and Sound: Creating and Nurturing a Culture of SafetyThis flyer provides an overview of the Connecticut Safe and Sound Culture, including definitions of the Five Rs of Safe …, , , , , , , 2021
How Hope and Resilience Can Lower Burnout Among Child Welfare Workers: NCWWI 1-page SummaryBurnout is a significant concern among child welfare professionals, leading to high turnover and reducing service quality. This document summarizes …, , , , , , , 2022
Healing GuidebookThis guidebook provides practical tips & tools for working with children and youth who have experienced trauma (and for the …, , , , 2018
Trauma Informed Yoga & MindfulnessThis infographic shows how to use mindfulness to improve our relationships, daily interactions, and reactions to trauma., 2021
Staff Performance and Retention: Using a Trauma LensSecondary traumatic stress (STS) can have a significant impact on child welfare professionals, their agencies, and ultimately on outcomes for …2015
Stress and the Child Welfare Workforce: Recognizing Signs of Secondary Traumatic StressThis webpage outlines the different types of stressors child welfare workers may be exposed to in their everyday work, as …2018
Using the Secondary Traumatic Stress Core Competencies in Trauma-Informed SupervisionDiscusses the importance of quality supervision that organizations can provide to staff members at risk for secondary traumatic stress (STS). …2018
Tanam Awaa Our Community’s Work: Trauma-Informed Benchbook for Tribal Justice SystemsThis benchbook for tribal justice systems covers topics of historical trauma and how it can be overcome through healing models …2021
Building a Multi-system Trauma-informed CollaborativeThis guide provides an overview of the types, prevalence, and effects of trauma and its implications for child-serving systems along …2019
Implications of Mindfulness-Informed Interventions for Trauma-Focused Practice: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes a study of mindfulness training sessions for parents which showed how integrating mindfulness interventions that target stress …, 2020
Effective Training for Trauma Informed Care: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis study explores how the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, in partnership with Vanderbilt University, improved its trauma-informed approach by …, 2020
Trauma-Informed Organizational Change ManualThe purpose of the manual is to guide organizations and systems in planning for, implementing and sustaining a trauma-informed organizational …2021
What’s SHARING POWER Got to Do with Trauma-Informed Practice?Encourages providers to share power in the context of trauma-responsive practice. This fact sheet describes what sharing power is, how …2016
Trauma Informed Practice with American Indian/Alaska Native Populations: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis paper describes how to develop a trauma-informed lens for working with American Indian/Alaska Native individuals, families, and communities using …, 2020
Facing the Pandemic With Emotional AgilityThis document summarizes a podcast episode where Susan David, PhD disusses how to use emotion to adapt using a tactic …2020
Understanding Trauma-Informed Practice: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document describes how one child welfare program used an extensive case review process to assess how trauma manifests in …, 2020
Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Among Child Welfare Workers who Experience a Maltreatment Fatality on Their CaseloadThis document presents findings from the study Child Maltreatment Fatalities: Perceptions and Experiences of Child Welfare Professionals, assessing the knowledge, …2012
The Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Organizational Change2008
Addressing Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Child Welfare Staff: A Practice BriefThis paper addresses occupational stress experienced by staff responsible for investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect and making decisions …2012
Adoption Competency Curriculum – Compassion Fatigue: Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder, Burnout, Vicarious Trauma – Trainer’s GuideThis curriculum includes trainer preparation materials for a module that teaches participants to identify causes and symptoms of compassion fatigue, …2010
Adoption Competency Curriculum – Compassion Fatigue: Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder, Burnout, Vicarious Trauma -Participant’s HandoutsThis curriculum includes participant handout materials for a module that teaches participants to identify causes and symptoms of compassion fatigue, …2010
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Burnout/TraumaThis webpage provides resources to address the challenges professionals face and ways to cope with secondary trauma when working in …2019
Compassion Fatigue Specialist Training MaterialsThis document include measurement tools and curriculum material for Compassion Fatigue Specialist 2-day training which includes a wide array of …2011
Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue Self-Test for Helpers1998
Kansas Workforce Initiative Evidence Review: Secondary Traumatic Stress2010
Managing the Impact of Traumatic Stress on the Child Welfare ProfessionalThis training course discusses how child welfare professionals can enjoy long fulfilling careers in child welfare, and how these individuals …2016
National Child Traumatic Stress NetworkNCTSN has collaborated with policy makers since their inception by Congress in 2000. Through this collection of resources, policy makers …2019
Planning for Emotional Labor and Secondary Traumatic Stress in Child Welfare OrganizationsThis paper provides an emergent framework that emphasizes early detection and quick response for secondary traumatic stress. Recommendations and guidelines …2012
Professional Quality of Life (ProQOL): Compassion Satisfaction & Compassion Fatigue2009
Promoting Resilience and Reducing Secondary Trauma Among Child Welfare Staff: Participant HandbookThis manual contains handouts that accompany training to mitigate the impact of secondary traumatic stress among child protective staff; and …2011
Promoting Resilience and Reducing Secondary Trauma Among Child Welfare Staff: Training ManualThis manual describes a project to mitigate the impact of secondary traumatic stress among child protective staff in New York …2011
Secondary Trauma and Child Welfare Staff: Guidance for Supervisors and AdministratorsThis fact sheet provides information on how secondary traumatic stress (STS) manifests itself in child welfare, the kinds of staff …2014
Secondary Trauma and the Child Welfare Workforce – CW360This edition of CW360° focuses on the unique challenges faced by child welfare professionals, undertaking the day to day work …2012
Secondary Traumatic Stress Informed Organization Assessment Tool (STSI-OA)This webpage provides a tool to evaluate the degree to which an organization is STS-informed, and able to respond to …, 2019
Secondary Traumatic Stress: A Fact Sheet for Child-Serving ProfessionalsThis document outlines options for assessment, prevention, and interventions relevant to secondary stress, and describe the elements necessary for transforming …2011
Florida’s Center for the Advancement of Child Welfare Practice: Trauma-informed CareThis website offers information and resources for Child Welfare professionals on the impact of trauma, treatment, secondary traumatic stress, and …, 2017
Child Welfare Information Gateway: TraumaThis webpage offers resources and information on trauma experienced by children who have been abused, neglected, and separated from their …, 2018
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Assessing Child TraumaThis webpage presents resources for professionals on screening and assessing trauma in children and youth.    , 2018
Safe Start CenterThis website explores the recommendations from a report released based on the Defending Childhood Initiative that was launched to address …2013
National Child Traumatic Stress NetworkThis webpage provides National Child Traumatic Stress Network materials on various child traumatic stress topics and designed for diverse audiences. …2018
Introduction to the Trauma-Informed ApproachThis training course explores the roles and responsibilities of organizations in helping staff to manage traumatic stress, and how to …2015
Building a Trauma-Informed Culture in Child WelfareThis training course explores the roles and responsibilities of organizations in helping staff to manage traumatic stress, and discusses trauma-informed …2015
Mind the Gap #6: Becoming a Trauma-informed Child Welfare Agency – The Waupaca County JourneyThis webinar presentation provides participants with ideas and strategies related to implementing Trauma Informed Care and Civility in their agencies. Waupaca DHHS’s …, 2016
What’s Sharing Power Got to Do with Trauma-informed Practice?This document provides tips to encourage services providers to share power in the context of trauma-responsive practice and explains the …2019
What is Trauma-Informed Care?This document provides general information about Trauma informed Care (TIC) and guiding considerations, principles and definitions offered by experts in …2012
Trauma and Resilience: Legal Advocacy for Youth in Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare SystemsThis document explains key risks of and opportunities for using information about trauma to advocate for youth in the juvenile …2014
Sharing Power: A Tool for ReflectionThis tool to guides providers through a series of reflections that will help them identify opportunities to share power in …2019
Historical Highlights of Trauma Informed CareThis document summarizes historical timeline of national efforts to provide trauma-informed care.2014
New Jersey: Trauma-informed Child Welfare SystemThis report highlights a self-assessment sought to help New Jersey’s Division of Child Protection and Permanency (CP&P) become a more …2015
Harnessing the Learning Community Model to Integrate Trauma-Informed Care Principles in Service OrganizationsThe report defines trauma, discusses its prevalence and effect on individuals, and examines implications for service systems. The report also …2015
Workforce and Organizational Stress: Implications for Trauma Informed CareThis PowerPoint presentation is geared toward individuals who have an understanding about the impact of trauma on clients and families …2015
Supporting Youth in Foster Care in Making Healthy Choices: A Guide for Caregivers and Caseworkers on Trauma, Treatment, and Psychotropic MedicationsThis guide intended to help caseworkers, foster parents, or other caring adults learn about trauma experienced by youth in foster …2015
Developing a Trauma-Informed Child Welfare SystemThis issue brief discusses the steps that may be necessary to create a child welfare system that is more sensitive …2015
Well-being and New Policy Directions in Child Welfare This webinar identifies four basic domains of well-being and articulates the need for trauma-informed screening, functional assessment, and effective, evidence-informed …, 2012
The need for trauma-informed screening, functional assessment, and effective, evidence-informed interventions This webinar identifies four basic domains of well-being and articulates the need for trauma-informed screening, functional assessment, and effective, evidence-informed …, 2012
Child Traumatic Stress: CHDI’s Response to a Public Health CrisisThis brief focuses on child traumatic stress as a public health issue and efforts to increase awareness, engage in activities …2012
Trauma-focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: A Web-based learning CourseThis 10-hour web-based, multi-media, distance education course for mental health professionals seeking to learn Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), one of …2017
Connect: Supporting Children Exposed to Domestic ViolenceThis presentation-ready trainer’s guide offers a basic training session for foster parents, kin caregivers, and adoptive parents on the dynamics …2019
Child Welfare Trauma Training ToolkitThis online course is based on the Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit which teaches basic knowledge, skills, and values about …2013
Best Practice Series, Tutorial 7: Recognizing & Addressing Trauma in Infants, Young Children & Their FamiliesThis tutorial aims to help early childhood mental health consultants as well as Early Head Start and Head Start staff …2018
Trauma Informed Care for Children Exposed to Violence: Tips for Child Welfare StaffThis document provides information on what happens to children when exposed to violence, possible warning signs seen in different age …2011
Healing the Invisible Wounds: Children’s Exposure to Violence – A Guide for FamiliesThis guide provides ways for caregivers to help children who have been exposed to violence. Recommended strategies are tailored to …2019
Creating Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Systems: A Guide For AdministratorsThis document outlines the second edition of “Creating Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Systems: A Guide for Administrators” which includes the 7 …2012
Birth Parents with Trauma Histories in the CW System: A Guide for ParentsThis guide for child welfare staff explains how a history of trauma can affect parents, how caseworkers can use a …2019
Adaptation Guidelines for Serving Latino Children and Families Affected by Trauma2008
A Social Worker’s Tool Kit for Working with Immigrant Families – Healing the Damage: Trauma & Immigrant Families in the CW SystemThese guidelines are designed to assist child welfare and other community-based agencies working with children and families respond to the …2010
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Addressing the Mental Health of Sexually Abused ChildrenThis issue brief explores research and practice on trauma focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), which is an evidence-based treatment approach shown …2012
The Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Organizational Change2008
Supporting Brain Development in Traumatized Children & YouthThis bulletin summarizes what you can do to support the identification and assessment of the impact of maltreatment and trauma …2011
Creating Trauma-Informed Systems of Child WelfareThis document outlines the second edition of “Creating Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Systems: A Guide for Administrators” which includes the 7 …2013
Understanding Neurobiology of Psychological Trauma: Tips for Working with Transition-age YouthThis paper synthesizes the impact of trauma on the adolescent brain and contains practical tips for promoting engaging with transition …2017
What is Complex Trauma? A Resource Guide for Youth and Those Who Care About ThemThis guide helps youth understand their traumatic experiences and helps clinicians, caregivers, and other adults have conversations with youth about …2017
Trauma: What Child Welfare Attorneys Should KnowThis document provides child welfare attorneys with knowledge about trauma, practice tips for incorporating trauma-informed practices into legal representation, and …2017
Strengthening Family Coping Resources: Multi-family Group for Families Impacted by TraumaThis document provides general information on a manualized, trauma-focused, skill-building intervention called Strengthening Family Coping Resources., 2017
Implementation of Trauma-informed Mental Health Screening in County Child Welfare SystemsThis infographic summarizes an article on child welfare trauma-informed screening approaches in county-administered child welfare systems across California and provides …, 2017
At Intersection of Trauma and Disabilities: A New Toolkit for ProvidersThis document introduces a training toolkit that provides an overview for providers on how to work with children and families …2016
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Public-Private Initiative Cross-Site Evaluation: Interim ReportThis report shows that local community networks in Washington State were more successful in addressing ACEs and toxic stress and …2015
Resource Guide to Trauma-Informed Human ServicesThis online guide provides human services leaders at the local, State, Tribal, and Territorial levels with information and resources on …2019
Chadwick Trauma-Informed Systems Dissemination and Implementation ProjectThis website promotes creating trauma-informed child welfare systems across the country.     2019
Secondary Traumatic Stress in Child Welfare Practice: Trauma-Informed Guidelines for OrganizationsThis document is designed to assist the leadership of child welfare agencies and other child- and family-serving organizations in supporting …, 2016
NCTSN Impact: An Invitation to Explore the Network’s Data and Evaluation InitiativesThis issue of IMPACT focuses on the multifaceted role of data in improving the quality of care for children who …2017
Workforce Development Quickbit Module 9: Dealing with the Effects of Secondary TraumaSecondary trauma is a predictable and frequent occurrence in child welfare. At just under 4 minutes, this module describes the …, 2016
Secondary TraumaThis webpage provides resources that address the challenges professionals face and ways to cope with secondary trauma. (n.d)    , 2019
Secondary Traumatic Stress PodcastThis podcast discusses and provides examples about how to help child welfare professionals cope with secondary traumatic stress. 2016
Understanding Child TraumaThis document is an informative infographic for recognizing the signs of child traumatic stress. , 2016
Key Ingredients for Successful Trauma-Informed Care ImplementationThis brief outlines a practical implementation framework and policy considerations for instituting trauma-informed approaches to care in health care settings.2016
Going Beyond Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Training for Child Welfare Supervisors and Frontline Workers: The Need for System Wide Policy Changes Implementing TIC practices in all Child Welfare AgenciesThis article reviews efforts to train child welfare workers in trauma informed practices and concludes that systemic change occurs by …2015
Secondary Traumatic Stress: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis paper summarizes the literature on Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) in the child welfare workforce, identifying common sources and symptoms …, , 2011