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How are child protection agencies navigating and addressing workforce challenges?Learn how several jurisdictions are implementing strategies to recruit and retain a strong child welfare workforce., , , , , , , , , , , , , 2023
30 Years of Knowledge Building for an Effective Kin-First Culture: A Natural Family Resource for Children in and out of the Child Welfare SystemAn examination of how child welfare policy in this country has failed children, youth, families, and their communities for decades …, , , , , , 2022
HHS Could Play a Greater Role in Helping Child Welfare Agencies Recruit and Retain StaffThis report identifies (1) the challenges child welfare agencies face in recruiting and retaining child welfare workers and supervisors, (2) …, , , , , , , , , , , , 2003
Rethinking Child Welfare RecruitmentThis brief discusses the current workforce crisis and provides recommendations on ways child welfare programs can enhance their recruitment efforts., , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Students’ Experiences of an Anishinaabe-Centered Social Work Education Program: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis article, which is the second in a series of three, examines the social work education program at the Center …, , , , , , , , 2022
Learning, Leading, Changing: Engaging Emerging Leaders as a Retention StrategyHeld on May 26, 2022, this learning exchange focused on how universities and agencies engage social work students and graduates …, , , , , , , 2022
American Indian/Alaska Natives Curriculum Content Evaluation GuideIn keeping with the Council on Social Work Education’s competency-based education standards and social work competencies this curriculum content guide …, , , , , , 2022
Learning, Leading, Changing: Advancing Workplace EquityThis learning exchange, held on April 19, 2022, focused on how participants can advance workplace equity in child welfare. Panelists …, , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Learning, Leading, Changing: Collaborating to Enhance ICWA Knowledge and PracticeHeld on March 21, 2022, this learning exchange focused on enhancing knowledge and understanding of ICWA and tribal sovereignty through …, , , , , , 2022
The Indian Self-Determination Act and Social Work PracticeThis infographic describes how the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDEAA) applies to child welfare social work practice with …, , , , , , 2022
Preparing the Child Welfare Workforce: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes a ten-year retrospective study of a child welfare stipend program involving four university social work programs in …, 2021
University Partnership Transition to Work StrategiesThis document lists strategies to support transition to work and the long-term retention of traineeship graduates., 2021
Building Community Resilience Policy and Advocacy GuideThe BCR Policy Guide is intended to assist organizations in becoming effective policy advocates and educators. It provides guidance to …2018
Reducing Disparities through Indigenous Social Work Education: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis paper highlights effective and inclusive education designed to address the dramatic overrepresentation of Indigenous families in North American public …, , 2020
CalSWEC Curriculum Competencies for Public Child Welfare in CaliforniaThe Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) sets national standards for the identification and assessment of competencies in the education …2017
Multi-system Education for Better Outcomes: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes an evaluation of a graduate program for child welfare, mental health, and education professionals that used a …, 2020
Motivational Interviewing as a Practice Innovation in Child WelfareThis webinar is an opportunity to hear about implementing Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a practice innovation in child welfare agencies …2011
Beyond Child Welfare Education & Training: Pennsylvania’s Dynamic University-Agency Partnership for Transfer of Learning, Quality Improvement, Organizational Effectiveness (1-page Summary)This document summarizes a NCWWI webinar that highlights the array of workforce development strategies implemented through the dynamic university-agency partnership …, 2013
Beyond Professional Education, Training: Dynamic University-Agency Partnership for Transfer of Learning, Quality Improvement, Organizational EffectivenessThis webinar describes university-agency relationship-building and developing continuity among county-based child welfare systems; highlights the array of workforce development strategies …, 2013
Bilingual Traineeship Program: Legacies & Lessons LearnedThis 10-page document offers lessons learned from a traineeship project (implemented through the New Mexico State University’s School of Social …, 2014
BSW Traineeship Programs: Legacies & Lessons LearnedThis document provides recommendations based on successful innovations and strategies that were common across NCWWI’s BSW traineeship programs, which were …, 2013
MSW Traineeship Programs: Legacies & Lessons LearnedThis document provides recommendations based on successful innovations and strategies that were common across NCWWI’s MSW traineeship programs which were …, 2013
Using Publicly Available Data to Engage IV-E Students in Research and StatisticsThis curriculum provides Title IV-E and others students interested in public child welfare systems with an overview of the state’s …2013
CWIG Workforce Podcast Series Episode 3: Child Welfare ScholarsHear about a NCWWI university-agency partnership between the University of North Dakota Department of Social Work and the North Dakota …, 2018
Cohort Effect: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis article reports findings from an evaluation of a university-based child welfare training program focused on increasing the retention of …, 2016
Workforce Development QuickBit Module 5: Educational PreparationWorkforce Development QuickBit Module 5: Educational Preparation, 2016
Distance Education: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes assessment data on a workforce development strategy (Pathways Program) which provides accredited social work education, beginning with advising …, 2016
CalSWEC Title IV-E Program Final ReportThis document provides statistics about the students graduating from the 22nd cohort from CalSWEC’s Title IV-E Stipend program, tracking students …2015
Evidence-based Practice; Schools of Social Work: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis is a 1-page summary of an article that discusses how schools of social work can better meet the needs of …, , 2016
University-Agency Partnerships: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis is a 1-page summary of an article which provides four general strategies necessary for building and maintaining effective university-community social work …, , 2016
Educational Preparation: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes an article addressing the use of Title IV-E funding in both BSW and MSW programs and looks …, 2016
Transforming MSW field learning: Evidence-based practice and implementation scienceThis webinar presents practical examples of how MSW programs can adjust field curricula to ensure that evidence-based practice and implementation …2015
Linking North Carolina Child Welfare Outcomes with Professionalism of StaffThis paper evaluates the role of the educational background of the caseworker as it relates to outcomes for children and …2011
A New Frontier for Child Welfare in Rural North DakotaAs an MSW student at the University of North Dakota, Skye Albert received a NCWWI traineeship that sent her to …, 2016
Creating and Sustaining Effective & Outcome-Oriented Child Welfare University-Agency Research PartnershipsThis brief provides guidance on research-based principles to guide effective partnerships between social work education programs and child welfare agencies …2014
California BASW Student CompetenciesThis document provides BASW competencies linked to a common core of knowledge, values, and skills shared by public child welfare …2013
Collection of Teaching Resources from NCWWI Traineeship Program SyllabiThis document provides teaching resources that are part of the NCWWI Traineeship Program and are drawn from courses that focus …, 2012
Collection of NCWWI Traineeship Program SyllabiThis collection of syllabi from the NCWWI Traineeships reflect examples of new courses that focus on child welfare practice as …, 2012
Child Welfare Traineeships: 12 Comprehensive Program and Innovation SummariesThis document offers a summary of the 12 NCWWI Traineeship Programs, providing a snap-shot of the goals and initiatives of …, 2012
Traineeship Programs: Promising Approaches & StrategiesThis document provides descriptions of 12 programs selected to receive federal funds for each of five years to support professional …, 2012
Twelve NCWWI Traineeship Programs: Comprehensive Summary of Legacies & Lessons LearnedThis document summarizes the commonalities across the three NCWWI Traineeship program types – MSW, BSW and Tribal1 and offers the …, 2013
Strengthening University/Agency Research Partnerships to Enhance Child Welfare Outcomes: A Toolkit for Building Research PartnershipsThis document is designed to serve as a toolkit for developing child-welfare research capacities by setting the context within the …2008
Tribal Traineeship Programs: Legacies & Lessons LearnedThis document provides recommendations based on successful innovations and strategies that were common across NCWWI’s Tribal traineeship programs, which were …, 2019