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Child Welfare Systems Change: NCWWI Advisory Board RecommendationsThe NCWWI Advisory Board was charged to “reimagine” the child welfare system by focusing on promoting child and family well-being. …, , , 2021
Leading in Permanent Whitewater (7 minute microlearning)Change is constant in our environment and in child welfare, in particular. Just under 8 minutes, this Quickbit describes the …, , , , , 2015
Leadership in Systems of Care: Creating and Communicating a Shared VisionThis brief describes the importance of a shared vision, the critical role of leadership, essential characteristics of successful leaders, and …, 2010
Taking Responsibility for Solutions: Using Values to Reframe Child Maltreatment in the UKThis report details the results of an experimental survey that explores the extent to which values-based messages and narratives affect …, 2014
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Developing & Implementing Agency Mission & Policymoving toward strengths-based, family-centered practice, and how to create effective mission and vision statements., 2019
Creating an Inclusive Team Culture (6.5 minute microlearning)People need to work in a culture and climate where they feel valued and part of a team committed to a common …, , 2015
Leading Change with Vision (2 minute microlearning)At just over two minutes, this microlearning course explains how to develop effective vision statements for change initiatives., , 2019
A Foster Care Practice Model: Lifelong Families Training CurriculumThis curriculum is designed to train social workers in the implementation of the Lifelong Families permanency approach so kids in …, 2012