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Why Coaching is Worth Your InvestmentThis infographic describes why it is important for child welfare programs to invest in coaching to support employees and their …, , , , , 2023
The Unseen Costs of Foster Care: A Social Return on Investment StudyThis report shares some of what we have heard from those on the inside of foster care and child welfare. …, , , , , , , 2019
State Roundtable Reports on Caseworker RetentionThe State Roundtable establishes workgroups to research and address statewide areas of concern for the PA Dependency System. Workgroup membership …, , , , , , 2019
Advancing Racial Equity in Child Welfare: Child Welfare Virtual Expo (CWVE) 2021Explore strategies to advance racial equity in child welfare presented by families and youth with lived expertise and other national …, , , , , , , , , , 2021
NCWWI Leadership Academy: Cross-site final evaluation report, pre-training to 6-month follow-upEvaluators from NCWWI conducted a longitudinal assessment of Leadership Academy participant experience (satisfaction, relevance, knowledge gains and application, change project, …, , , , , , , , , , 2023
9 Proven Strategies to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Your WorkplaceThis article lists 9 ways to improve DEIB within your workplace., , , , , , , , , , 2022
The Impact of Turnover on Families Involved in Child WelfareThis brief consists of thirty resources divided into three sections (Impact, Community Voice, and Systems Transformation) that examine the impact …, , , , , , , 2023
COVID-19 Lessons Learned for Child Welfare: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis resource explores child welfare caseworkers’ perspectives on how organizational changes during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic affected …, , , , , , , 2023
NCWWI Leadership AcademyThe NCWWI Leadership Academy provides supervisors and managers with opportunities to become skilled in leading change, fostering collaborations, implementing results-oriented …, , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2020
TeamFirst A Field Guide for Safe, Reliable, and Effective Child Welfare TeamsA reference book for safe, reliable and more effective teamwork. Readers will find descriptions of specific team-based strategies and tactics …, , , , , , 2019
Promoting Antiracist Child Welfare Practice: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis 1-pager summarizes a study where authors interviewed 16 regional- and state-level public child welfare agency administrators representing 13 states …, , , , , , , , , 2022
QIC-WD Three Keys to ImplementationAccording to QIC-WD sites the keys to good implementation are to slow down, gain buy-in, and build a strong implementation …, , ,
An Overview of the QIC-WDThe Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development (QIC-WD) is dedicated to understanding how to improve child welfare workforce outcomes., , , , ,
Generations in the WorkplaceAn overview of generational differences in the workplace and strategies organizations can take to address it., , , 2021
Rethinking Child Welfare RecruitmentThis brief discusses the current workforce crisis and provides recommendations on ways child welfare programs can enhance their recruitment efforts., , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Using a Culturally Responsive Leadership Framework: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThe authors developed a culturally responsive leadership framework (CRLF) to address context, distributive leadership, and cultural responsiveness. Examining these elements …, , , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Centering Child Welfare Worker Well-beingThis infographic describes how child welfare organizations can center child welfare worker well-being to better support children and families., , , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Safe and Sound: Creating and Nurturing a Culture of SafetyThis flyer provides an overview of the Connecticut Safe and Sound Culture, including definitions of the Five Rs of Safe …, , , , , , , 2021
Learning, Leading, Changing: Engaging Emerging Leaders as a Retention StrategyHeld on May 26, 2022, this learning exchange focused on how universities and agencies engage social work students and graduates …, , , , , , , 2022
Leadership Academy Evaluation GuideThis guide provides an overview of evaluation activities and resources that a state, county, tribal, or private child welfare agency …, , , , , 2022
Learning, Leading, Changing: Advancing Workplace EquityThis learning exchange, held on April 19, 2022, focused on how participants can advance workplace equity in child welfare. Panelists …, , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Calculating TurnoverIn this video, Megan Paul, QIC-WD Workforce Team Lead, discusses how to calculate turnover in a child welfare agency., , , 2017
Intentional Inclusion: Creating Equity in the Workplace Child welfare systems should foster a healthy organizational culture and climate and improve the well-being of the child welfare workforce. …, , , 2021
How Case Severity and Workplace Resources Impact Worker Retention: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes a study that used survey and administrative data from 485 Oregon Department of Human Services caseworkers to …, , , 2021
Introducing the Comprehensive Organizational Health Assessment (COHA)This one minute video introduces the COHA to Workforce Excellence Sites. It also serves as an example for other sites …, 2021
Introducing the Tribal Comprehensive Organizational Health Assessment (TCOHA)This short video introduces the TCOHA to Tribal Workforce Excellence Sites. It also serves as an example for other sites …, 2021
Critical Workforce Needs 2020This document provides an overview of cricital workforce needs across both public and tribal child welfare programs and organized using …, 2020
COVID-19 Workforce Needs Assessment (WNA) Cross site Report For Workforce Excellence Public Child Welfare SitesThis report provides the results of the Coronavirus-19 Workforce Needs Assessment (COVID-19 WNA) that was conducted in two state and …, 2020
2020 Child Welfare Recognition Event “I am…” Participant ResponsesThis document lists participant responses to an activity that asked them to complete the sentences, “I am a leader beacuse…”, …, 2020
Comprehensive Organizational Health Assessment Public Workforce Excellence Sites Cross-Site Summary ReportThis is a cross-site summary report of results from NCWWI’s four public (two county and two state) Workforce Excellence (WE) …, 2020
Through their Lens: Case Managers’ Experiences of the Child Welfare SystemCase managers play a significant role in the child welfare system. Although previous studies have examined the multiple demands and …2017
Listening to the Voices of Children in Foster Care: Youths Speak Out About Child Welfare Workforce Turnover and SelectionRecruitment and retention of an experienced workforce is a problem for most child welfare systems and service providers. High staff …2010
Examining Internal and External Job Resources in Child Welfare: Protecting Against Caseworker BurnoutA central goal of this study was to understand internal and external resources that can mitigate the relationship between job …2018
Five Steps to a Stronger Child Welfare Workforce PodcastThis podcast episode explores the key components and requirements of a five-step process developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.2019
Workforce Planning and Development Final Report (Arizona)2011
Workforce Planning Training – GA2012
Workforce Planning Training – GAThis presentation developed by Georgia State Personnel Administration provides a framework to implement and sustain effective workforce planning. The presentation …2012
Workforce Planning Model & Guide (California)This guide was developed to assist State departments take a strategic approach to workforce planning as opposed a reactionary approach …2008
Workforce Planning Guidelines – GAThis guidelinedeveloped by Georgia State Personnel Administration provides a framework to implement and sustain effective workforce planning. The presentation outlines …2012
Workforce Planning Desk & Reference Guide (Alaska)This guide is intended for managers and supervisors anticipating recruitment and retentions challenges, and to assist agencies in carefully preparing …2008
Workforce Planning Checklist – GAThis checklist developed by Georgia State Personnel Administrationis a step-by-step checklist for effective workforce planning. 2012
Workforce Planning and Development Final Report (Arizona)This report provides context for the technical assistance offered under the Human Services Workforce Initiative, shares the accomplishments, and includes the …2011
Workforce Planning and Development Final Report (Arizona)2011
Workforce Excellence in MissouriThe Missouri Children’s Division faced big challenges prior to 2014. Too many children were in out-of-home care, child welfare workers …, 2018
Workforce Development in Child Welfare: Summary of Research, State Initatives and Other InnovationsThis report provides information on workforce development initiatives in child welfare and in other fields with an emphasis on recruitment, …2012
Workforce Development Foundations (3 minute microlearning)This three minute module focuses on the center of the NCWWI Workforce Development Framework (WDF) to highlight the strategies to …, 2016
Workforce Demographics & Job Satisfaction: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis paper summarizes article, “Child Welfare Worker Characteristics and Job Satisfaction: A National Study,” which discusses the results and implications …, 2012
Workforce and Outsourcing Issues Key to Reducing Fatalities: Comments for the CECANFThis document addresses outsourcing, caseloads and workloads, professional development, and workplace safety issues as key to reducing fatalities; and provides …2015
Why the Workforce Matters InfographicThis infographic visually describes why the workforce matters. It includes information on the challenges of child welfare work, the cost …, 2016
Toward a High Quality Child Welfare Workforce: Six Doable StepsThis paper describes a number of promising practices used across the country to improve the working conditions and quality of …2006
Succession Planning ProcessThis document details the six-step process for effective succession planning and several factors typically found in successful succession planning initiatives.2005
NJ DCF Workforce Report: A Commitment to Child Welfare Excellence through Comprehensive Workforce & Leadership DevelopmentThis report provides an in-depth review of key indicators of performance and related strategies that reflect the New Jersey Department …2016
Positioning Public Child Welfare Guidance: WorkforceThis guide is intended for child welfare agency teams charged by agency leadership with developing and maintaining a high-performing workforce …2010
Preparing for Tomorrow’s State and Local Government WorkforceThis eBook looks at how state and local governments across the country are using innovative practices to recruit, develop, and …2016
Profile of the Social Work WorkforceThis report presents the size of the workforce, demographic and educational background, work setting, compensation, and geographical distribution. (2017
Real Stories from the Field Tool KitThis toolkit features real stories and supports discussions with staff, students, and/or community members about innovative workforce development initiatives to …, 2018
Self-Assessment Workbook for Building a Stable Quality Child Welfare WorkforceThis workbook provides guidance to child welfare administrators on innovative human resource management policies and practices. The workbook allows administrators …2006
Strategic Workforce Planning Manual – Fairfax, VirginiaThis manual defines fundamental steps to develop and implement a workforce plan, provides information and processes that can be applied …2003
Succession Planning for GovernmentThis document explores talent management practices best to support a larger, more strategic role for HR in a rapidly changing …2014
Supervisors’ Guide to Developing Operational Workforce Plans (Washington)The guide is designed as a practical tool to be used by supervisors and those who support supervisors with unit-level …2008
The 21st Century Public Service Workforce: Eight Lessons from the LiteratureThis paper summarizes eight lessons from the academic and policy literature on public service change and how change is impacting …2014
New Jersey DCF Workforce: Preliminary Highlights 2014-2015This report summarizes the demographics and characteristics of the current child welfare workforce and highlights a variety of indicators of …2015
Minnesota Child Welfare Workforce Stabilization Study: Child Protection Summary ReportThis summary specifically focuses on the child protection workforce to better understand the state of Minnesota in order to develop …2016
NCWWI Workforce Development Framework BriefThis document outlines NCWWI’s Workforce Development Framework (WDF) which is intended to help agency leaders understand best and promising practices …, 2019
New Jersey Workforce Report: Annual Update 2016-2017workforce and leadership functioning as well as system reform benchmarks in its commitment to the safety and well-being of children …2017
New York State Department of Civil Services: Workforce & Succession PlanningThis webpage provides State agencies with guidance and a forum to share information on Workforce and Succession Planning. 2016
Making a Difference #1: Evaluation Findings, Strategies and Lessons LearnedThis webinar offers an overview of what we learned through our evaluation and highlights findings from our research examining factors …, 2014
Learning, Leading, ChangingFor decades, the approach to workforce issues in child welfare was crisis-driven. Workers were not sufficiently supported, and states struggled …, 2018
Keeping Track of Our Most Valuable Resource: Using Workforce Data to Improve Child Welfare ProgramsKeeping Track of Our Most Valuable Resource:2014
Kansas Child Welfare Comprehensive Workforce PlanThe report presents results of a state-wide assessment and preliminary plan to address agency and systems-level workforce issues.2010
Guide to Developing Strategic Workforce Plans (Washington)This guide is to explain the process of strategic workforce planning. This guide is designed as a practical tool for …2008
Competency-based Workforce Development: A Synthesis of Current ApproachesThis paper defines and explains a competency-based approach, the rationale for using competency models, the history of competency models, a …, , 2015
Child Welfare Workforce Demographic TrendsThis document offers a general snapshot of frontline child welfare caseworkers in the Unites States based on findings of various …, 2010
Child Welfare Workforce: Implications for the Private Nonprofit SectorThis paper provides recommendations of actions that private, public, and academic organizations can undertake individually and collaboratively to create state …2006
Competency Menu Rating WorksheetThis form provides a menu of competencies that may be appropriate for a wide array of human service jobs to …2014
Components of an Effective Child Workforce to Improve Outcomes For Children and Families: What Does the Research Tell Us?2006
CWIG Workforce Podcast Series Episode 1: The Workforce Development FrameworkThis podcast, hosted by the Child Welfare Information Gateway (CWIG), gives listeners an opportunity to hear about how addressing your …, 2018
Effective Succession StrategiesvThis document describes common characteristics of effective succession planning efforts and strategies that promote effective succession planning. 2005
Building Leaderful Organizations: Succession Planning for NonprofitsThis publication presents alternative models of succession planning designed particularly for nonprofits: (1) Pursuing the agency’s mission and service goals …2008
A Review of Child Welfare Services at DSS SCThis report reviews various issues pertaining to child welfare services, procurement, and agency management at the South Carolina Department of …2014
A Comprehensive Workforce Strategy to Advance Child Welfare OutcomesThis report is a compilation of input from leaders and universities in 28 U. S. states and counties. The group …, 2013
7 Lessons Learned from the Western Workforce ProjectThis document explains seven lessons learned after conducting Comprehensive Organizational Health Assessments (COHA) at four child welfare sites in Colorado, …2014
CalSWEC’s Ecological Model for Workforce DevelopmentThis model was developed as a guide for workforce development evaluation and research activities. The model depicts the contributions of education, in-service …2014
Governor’s Task Force on the Protection of Children Final Report and Recommendations (MN)This report advise the governor and legislature on system and practice improvements in the child protection system at all levels …2015
Balancing Head & Heart California’s Child Welfare WorkforceThis newsletter from the California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership examines the valuable and complex work performed by California’s child welfare …2017
Human Resources as a Strategic Partner for Health and Human ServicesThis report proposes a variety of strategies for consideration by health and human service leaders in partnership with their human …2016